Return on Investment


Eight out of ten adults don’t smoke.  In just about every case, tobacco odors and eye-burning chemicals reduce or eliminate customer traffic by people sensitive to this issue. Studies show that only 5% of your customers who are offended will speak up. The other 95% leave earlier than planned and many never come back. Losing just five customers per day with an average spend of $75 each amounts to an annual loss of $140,000.
Investing in improving indoor air quality demonstrates concern for the health and well-being of your staff.  Employees of Casino Air’s clients are among our biggest supporters. Indoor air quality problems reduce employee morale and create higher rates of absenteeism and turnover. With just one less day of absenteeism per casino employee per year you stand to save approximately $60,000 annually in lost productivity.
Recirculate more conditioned air.  Reduce annual energy costs by six figures in many applications where 100% outside air designs exist. Save millions on remodel and new construction costs and actually solve the smoke and odor problem in the process.
Redecorate less often. Replace your carpets, furniture, and fixtures less often. Lower fixed asset replacement costs.
Remediation is cheaper than litigation.  A recent $4.5 million settlement by Tropicana shows how much secondhand smoke litigation can damage the bottom line. Employees subjected to second-hand smoke have a 40% higher rate of lung cancer and other respiratory diseases. Our technology dramatically reduces the chances of a lawsuit because we remove up to 90% of the gases, carcinogens, chemicals, and VOC’s associated with second hand smoke.
Get a step up on the competition.  It is important to offer customers a smoke and odor free environment. The old adage “Don’t all Casinos stink” doesn’t have to apply to you.
The atmosphere in casinos, with or without smoke, is extremely dirty.  The constant flow of people in and out creates a variety of pollutants, including bacteria and virus droplets that are passed on to employees. Dirt, perspiration, cologne, perfume, skin flakes, and other human emissions combine to make unacceptable indoor air quality in most gaming environments. Casino Air technology eliminates more than just tobacco odor and smoke. Activated oxygen generated by our molecular oxidizers will sterilize the air handlers and existing ductwork, killing harmful microorganisms such as Legionella, mold, and mildew in the process.
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